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Amplify is a two-year initiative aimed at amplifying the gospel of Jesus Christ with our words and our actions. It’s faithfully and boldly proclaiming the enduring hope of Christ in our ever-changing post-pandemic world.

Amplify Christ
In Our Lives

Leverage new technology to improve the worship experience both in-person and online.

Deploy hundreds of Christ-centered leaders to launch new endeavors, and reach our world for Christ.

Amplify Christ
In Our Community

Fuel local outreach through the expansion of the Cares Hub to serve the needs of our community. 

Reach and invest in emerging generations who will faithfully carry the gospel forward.

Amplify Christ
In Our World

Develop a thriving online campus to gather the church around the world.

Continue our investment in our global partners in Guatemala & Tanzania.



The Amplify vision includes taking the gospel to where people are—and today, people are online. Advances in technology have drastically changed the way people connect, learn, and grow and the pandemic has accelerated these changes. People no longer “come to church” to find answers—they Google instead. So having an excellent online presence is no longer optional; it’s essential to advancing the gospel and effectively growing disciples.

Our current AVL equipment is now well beyond life expectancy and needs to be replaced. The sound in our room is unbalanced, with seats where it’s painfully loud and others where it’s muffled and hard to understand.

  • Our new equipment will balance the sound for every seat in the room
  • Upgraded lighting will help create worshipful moments and experiences
  • New video technology will create a better experience for everyone in the room
  • It will also enhance the quality of our livestream for our growing online community


Gaithersburg is the second most culturally diverse city in the United States. However, culture isn’t the only source of diversity here.


The Cares is helping to meet our neighbors’ essential needs.

Amplify will expand the Cares Hub to include empowerment through learning and supportive relationships.

Low-income neighbors get healthy, nourishing food so that no family ever has to wonder where to get their next meal.

Neighbors can learn career skills to secure higher-paying jobs to better provide for their families.

Neighbors can get help to navigate the complexities of immigration and find a pathway to legal residency. 

Entire families can find Christ-centered community
to worship, heal, and grow.

Neighbors living in crisis can find safe, supportive friendships and tools to pursue their goals.


Amplify includes investment in our global partners in Guatemala and Tanzania. Their ministries are crucial to the global cause of Christ, and we believe God has given us the privilege of working together with them.

As our Livestream reaches more and more homes, we want to include them in a rich, faith experience by creating more online communities, conversations, and relationships. In short, developing an actual “online campus,” with online pastors, prayer partners, and leaders, and accessibility for more than one hour on Sunday. For many of the growing number of people who connect online, this may be the only option for them to experience and live out the hope of Christ.

Our global ministry partners are not immune to the challenges of the pandemic. They had enormous challenges before COVID, and most of those have only grown bigger.


Amplify will stretch our faith as we steward the resources God has given us and join together in amplifying a God-sized vision to reach our world with the hope of Christ.

As we journey together, you will be challenged to grow in living a life that amplifies Christ. We invite you to participate in community groups, learning opportunities, and service.

Amplify will span 25 months, running April 2022-April 2024. During this time, every gift to Seneca Creek will go towards our existing ministries and grow our impact through new initiatives. Every dollar given will go towards our annual operating expenses, current ministry initiatives, upgraded audio, video, lighting equipment, outreach expansion through the Cares Hub, and strategic investment in our global partners.

Because God has given us one vision, we will approach Amplify in a unique way. Instead of an add-on campaign, Amplify is ONE FUND, addressing ongoing ministries as well as new initiatives. In other words, all of this matters so all of our funds will be working together to Amplify Christ. 


Pray specifically

Ask God to move you (and all of us) from fear to faith, as we each determine to do our part in following God’s vision for our future.


Commit Fully

Our goal is 100% participation from our church family. We can’t all give the same amount, but we can all give something. Open your heart to whatever God asks from you. Trust and step out in faith.


Give Generously

Ask God to show you what a generous financial gift looks like for you over these two years. Take whatever bold steps are required to see it through. Submit your two-year faith promise during “I’m in!” week, March 27 – April 2, 2022.


Cheer loudly

Own the Amplify Vision. Become an ambassador for it in your spheres of influence. Join an Amplify community group, commit to growing in Christ, and invest in serving.



What are you asking me to do?

We’re asking everyone who calls SCCC home to seek God with the question, “Lord, what part should I play in Amplify?” As you seek God for direction, we’re asking that everyone fill out a faith commitment card (paper or online) and turn it in during the week of March 27- April 2, 2022. Giving can be fulfilled from April 2022 to April 2024.

What is “Kick Start Sunday?”

We’re asking that everyone joyfully give their first gift toward their faith commitment on Sunday, April 3, 2022, or online sometime during that week. This will be a time of celebration as we look forward in anticipation for how God will work through us in accomplishing his vision.

What if we don’t reach our goal?

First, we wholeheartedly believe that God has given each of us the resources we need to accomplish this vision together! We believe that “God can do exceedingly abundantly beyond all we can ask or imagine…through his work within us.” (Ephesians 3:20-21) If we didn’t achieve our goal for some reason, the Leadership Council would need to prayerfully consider altering the initiatives or extending the time required to accomplish the vision.

What if we exceed our goal?

Exceeding our goal may enable us to execute the vision sooner and enlarge the scope of our outreach through the Cares Hub. If that happens, our Leadership Council will prayerfully decide how to deploy our resources best to fulfill our mission and expand our impact.

Why are we purchasing new audio, visual, and lighting equipment? Isn’t what we have good enough?

No, it isn’t sufficient, and here’s why. When we moved to Firstfield in 2010, we took our portable sound equipment; some had been in use since the 1990s. We installed it in our auditorium to make do until we could afford to upgrade and replace it. Some of our equipment is so old that replacement parts are no longer available so we will soon have no choice but to replace them. Much of our equipment is well beyond its life expectancy. FCC changes have rendered some of our wireless gear unusable. And newer equipment is often unable to communicate with our legacy gear, meaning entire systems require replacement. It’s like trying to stream Netflix movies thru a 56k modem.

How will our money be used to expand the Cares Hub?

We need to increase our staff to include a full-time Grants Manager to expand program funding. Currently, Pastor Jeannette is acting as part-time Director of the Cares Hub, but as we grow, we will need to hire a full-time Director. We currently lease 5,000 square feet in the lower south wing of our facility to a tenant. We depend on that rental income to help cover our mortgage and facility expenses. We would like to release our tenant to utilize that space for the Cares Hub. Some areas could be multi-use for community outreach during the week and worship and discipleship on the weekends. Our Leadership Council will prayerfully consider the order and timing of these expansion goals.